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It's you and me and one last time Sep. 27th, 2009 @ 12:21 pm
Even after reading the last thing I wrote on here, everything is different. I feel like I have changed so much over the summer, even more than I did when I started college. And I really have changed, not sure if that's a good thing or a bad one. But I have, and there is no going back now.

Vicky is back from basic and medic training but she could be deployed basically at anytime. It was awesome to get to see her after 6 months. It really is true that you never know what you've got until its gone. And the best part is, it's almsot like she was never even gone. We still go out to Tim's on monday nights and talk for hours. Although, now its limited to an hour and a half because we both have shows to watch at 8 pm on monday nights. But still, its great to have her back.

My second year at Canisius is going well. For the most part, I like all my classes. And at least I have friends in most of them. I have two classes monday/wednesday/friday. Religious studies 101 at 10 & Phi 101 at 11. I'm done by 11:50. Tuesday/thursday, I have three classes. Basic Research for Communication at 8:30, HIS230 at 10 and Digital Graphics at 2:30. That ends at 3:45. And my free time I either spend with Monica, Sarah or in the Little Theater Clubroom.

I think my favorite class is probably my religious studies class, either that or DMA. I like religious studies because it doesn't take too much thought, but takes enough that it gets me thinking. That and Christian is in my class. I love Christian. I met him while working at the college this summer in the Campus Programming and Leadership Development office. He's like my big brother. It's nice to have some to look up and know that they're looking out for you as well. He's a great guy, no matter what anyone says.

I like DMA because it's fun, it is totally a challenge and I have tom in my class. Tom is my BFOC and without him, my canisius experience wouldn't be exactly the same. But I wouldn't have it any other way. He's also looking out for me alot of the time and I know I can trust him, which is a great feeling. Oh tom....

But I think the other reason I like this year so much is because I have the Dugan crew to hang out with. I gave them that name, and I'm not sure they know what it is exactly. Marlena, Leah, Jenn, Greg and Tom are so cool. I eat lunch with all of them but Tom on fridays, plus Carlton. But when i hang out with them after class hours or on the weekends, I have such a great time. I went with them to Darien Lake last week. And I went to the G.A.D. last night with them and then stayed over night. Ah I love them. <3
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Day Two Part I Apr. 2nd, 2008 @ 06:07 pm
So yeah, I haven't done the other two days of convention yet, but I'm gonna try to remember as much as possible.

Saturday morning I woke up with a head ache, I'm assuming it was the same one from the night before, but I don't know that for sure. So we made some calls to my aunt's room to get some advil and such before i had to go down with Kristin. We, by some momentary slip of brain power, decided to tell Kev that we would introduce a speaker for a workshop. So Christina gave me one of her orange juices, which were so cool! and part of her muffin. Kristin and i went down to I think it was the erie ballroom to meet with Patty and sitting right across from the doorway was Paul. "GOOD MORNING JULIE!" he shouts to me. "No, no its not," was my reply. A chair spins around, and in it is sitting curtis who also proceeds to yell "Yes it is a good morning, hi julie!" "No it is not a good morning. My head hurts so bad I feel like I'm going to throw up all over everything." "Well isn't that a pleasant way to start the morning?' So then we got our assignments and then were asked to help set up things. Paul and I went to set up a projector for someone, haha that was interesting.

So then we were standing in the pavilion waiting to go into the morning presentation before workshops. I was talking to a few people, which happened to include eric. I decided to play the best friend game and while playing of course I found adam and i go "OH LOOK!! ADAM'S KNEELING!!" So eric says "Go sit on him." I reply "NO! I'm not going to sit on adam." And not too surprisingly eric says "Okay, I'll take care of this." He walks towards adam, and sits on his knee. I LOVE ERIC!!! BEST FRIEND FOREVER!!! He made us laugh so much.

We went into the ballroom and listened to a presentation about the Pickle Jar Project. Haha cory was the dad and Kev was the son. After that, they gave out the Ed Argy Awards, which go to Parishes. We got one, along with Adam's church. Then they gave out the Manus Christi Award, which goes to seniors who are "the hands of Christ". I sat with Curt's group cause I didn't feel like sitting with the freshman from mine. They call Christina and Kev up to get it, along with Adam, Monica, Bridget, and a few other people. They called up a different guy named Curtis, so we were talking about it and then all of a sudden Kathy goes "And thats why we are proud to present this award to Julie Zirnheld!" There was a lot of clapping and i just sat there. i was like "What?" And Curt goes "Thats you." and i turn to him and i go "WHAT?" and he pushed me, which forced me to stand up. John came over and gave me my pin. They were announcing Steph the whole time I was putting my pin on and stuff, so we went up on stage together. Then, they gave out the Outstanding Catholic Youth Award, which Sarah got and I was very proud of her. She was a member of Crayola and everything.

After getting pictures taken and such, Monica Spence and I ended up in the same workshop, for which i had to introduce the speaker. After that first workshop, it was lunch time. While waiting to go into lunch, I talked to Eric, Kelsey and a few other people at the doors of the ballroom. And on accident I reminded him about the bet that he couldn't pick me up. So he grabs me from under my knees and picks me up like a baby. I was in complete shock and i couldn't believe it. So then a few minutes later, curt came over and when i told him what eric did, he grabbed me around my waist and lifted me off the ground. Then he spun me in a circle a few times...oh how I love my best friends.

After lunch, we went to two more workshops and then to dinner. Before dinner, we were waiting in the lobby for the bus to pick us up and eric happened to be down there. So I was talking to him and i decided we had to take our picture because I hadn't seen him at all on friday due to other circumstances. And so we're about to take our picture and he goes "OH WAIT! I NEED THE SHADES!!!" and he pulls a pair of sunglasses out from inside his jacket. Yeah, eric kicks ass but he's all mine!!! <3

I'll stop right there for tonight...
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CONVENTION 2008 Part I Feb. 19th, 2008 @ 07:13 pm

However, it was that amazing that i dont think i can put it all in one entry.  So we'll do 3 different ones, kinda like a column in a newspaper and you'll just have to wait a day to read the next part of the story. 
All day friday, if you were at school with me, you would have seen that I was way past excited for the weekend.  I couldn't sit school and i couldn't focus for the life of me.  great day to give me a test in every class i had.  but whatever.
Sp Vicky drove me home, i did some last minute packing and then showered.  Liss picked me up like 10 minutes after i got out of the shower and we went back to her house, where dom picked us up and drove the two of us, along with my aunt down to the adam's mark.  "Dominic, there's a stop!!!!" haha good times.

Once we got there, we went straight to registration, and got our stuff.  I was extremely pumped after doing this because it was my first best friend encounter of the weekend.  Adam, being the only one of the three on the YB was working registration.  At first he was a few tables down from ous but then i guess he needed some envolope off of our table so he came down.  I didnt say anything to him, but he did a double take when he looked up and saw me.  All we did was say hi to eachother, but I guess I just hadnt expected to see adam first.  So I was pretty happy walking out of there.  I get back in the room with all our stuff where I'mm about to pick it up to move it up to our room when Maria practically tackled me from behind.  So then Christina, Liss and i got a bell hop and took our stuff up to our room.  I was texting Karen while watxching some tv and eating candy when i get a text from Eric that says "I'm here".  So I jump up off the bed and run down to the registration room.  I was standing in the hall right before that ballroom and Steph grabs me and goes "Julie come with me!  I have something you'll want to see."  So I go with her and she takes me to Curt.  I was pretty much the happiest person ever!!!! Cause as we all know, curt is my best friend in the entire world and I was pmped to see him.  I practically ran him over when i went to hug him.  But so i stayed in that room for awhile.  Saw Monica, Mike, Henri and a few others before returning to my room.  (oh and if you're wondering what happened to eric, yeah i never found him)

It comes time to go down for the firday night festival and I see some more CLI-ers which is always good for the soul.  Then we went inside and listened to the rules of convention and the main speaker.  There was a break inbetween where i got to see Kelsey and Jess, which was good.  Then a short reconillation service, followed by confession if you wanted it.  Howvverr, you didn't have to stay, and of course i didnt.  I went right to the festival, mainly because I was on the lookout for food or drink.  I had a horrible headache because I hadn't had dinner and it was like 10:30 at night.  I won some skittles from a game, you kno the one where you put a chip on a number and then they spin the wheel and if your number is the one it lands on you win...THANK YOU DEREK ROY!!! haha

Eventually Curt caught up with me.  I was talking with my aunt and dom when maria, grace and him walked up.  All i could talk about was my headache.  It jsut hurt so bad.  And Curt started rubbing my forehead and then he asked me if i had had anything to drink, which of course i hadn't.  So he grabbed my shoulders from behind and decided we were going to the coffee house and he gpes "We're getting you something."  And I didnt' have any money, so I told him that, and he didnt kno it cost money.  So then he whipped out his wallet and decided he was gonna buy me one.  I refused to drink it but he was like "At least put it on the spot where it hurts."  I did that and it numbed the pain.  We walked around for a little while and i was getting tired of carrying it so i finnaly gave in and drank it...lol.  We found adam at some point and took some pictures with him, and traded our church pins.  I think his pin is my favorite.  We went to bed I guess at like 1 after room checks, pizza and stuff like that.  But i was happy cause i had seen two of my 3 best friends and i was texting the other....

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If you Feb. 7th, 2008 @ 10:27 pm
 So I'm pretty exhausted at this point but i felt like I should leave something, not like anyone actually reads this but whatever.  So lately, life's been alright.  Saw my best friend two weekends in a row and I get to see him for a whole weekend in 8 days, along with my two other best friends in the entire world!!!! CONVENTION 2008 BABY!!! So excited for it!!!

Last friday went to my Senior date dance, and took the most incredible guy ever.  Hmmm, to describe him, well he's tall, blonde, baby blue eyes, plays volleyball...oh and HE'S THE BEST FRIEND THAT ANYONE COULD POSSIBLELY HAVE!!!  His name is Curtis and I love that boy!!! He bought me a dozen roses and basically kept me smiling the whole dance.  And when I started to get sad, he made sure to do something that cheered me up.  I wouldn't take meeting him for a second.  Without him, life wouldn't be life and yeah thats basically it.  So thank you to everyone who told me to go to CLI this summer because if i hadn't found curt, i'm not too sure about much.

Yeah so adam next weekend will be good.  I promise I won't tackle you on stage, even though Curt thinks that I should.  haha, and eric- we'll put this idea of yours to the test.  And an initation of the Julie Love Patrol?  hmmm interesting.  Whatev, its my senior convention and i have the best 3 best friends in the world.  Challenge me on this and you'll lose....trust me you will =)


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If it wasn't for him.... Jan. 22nd, 2008 @ 10:50 pm
Today was an interesting day.  I really should have done some work but I really whatever.  I've ironed some things out with myself.  And my best friend, yeah he's the best person in the entire world and without him, I don't really know what I do.  He's the best thing that ever happened to me, no lie,  and without him I don't know what I would be.  He never gives up on me and for that, I want to give him the world. 

So yeah tomorrow, we're studying for my math midterm on the phone, cause I can't get out to him.  "How about you call around 12 and we can eat some lunch and then study?  How does pasta sound?"  That boy is amazing!!! =)

Kinda sad that I don't think my dad will drive me out this weekend to see some cliers but whatev.  I get to see Curt in 10 days and the rest in less than a month!!!  THAT MEANS ADAM!!!  I think I get 4 of my best friends at Convention, cause Jess and Hils won't be there.  I'll have to take another picture with my three best friends, cause those boys are amazing!!!

Ok well until tomorrow....

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Other entries
» I'll Stay with you

» Take a sad song and make it better...

So yeah i'm sitting around here on my laptop and i thought I would leave an entry.  Last night was an ok time.  My favorite part was getting to watch one of my favorite people in the entire world sleep.  He looked so innocent and helpless,it was so precious.  (and no its not curt, so don't get any ideas)  And even though right now I feel sooooo sick from exhaustion and pretty much no sleep, i wouldn't change it for a second.  That boy is one of my favorite people in the entire world and I really want to know if he hates me or not.  I'm really hoping not because I seriously love him so much.  I sat there and watched over him to make sure that his feet didn't get cold and that no one woke him up.  I wanted him to be able to drive home safely.  Is there anything wrong with that?  I hope not

But yeah and then I heard someone asking him about it, and he doesn't recall it at all.  I haven't deecided if thats good or bad yet.  I'm kinda glad that he doesn't remember because I don't want him to think I'm a creep, but I do wish he knew how much I cared about him.  I just hope he doesn't hate me like I feel he does.UGHHHHHH!!!


» Youre always in my heart...
Today is just one of those days where I'm kinda feeling down.  I was having okay time. Went to lunch with the best girlie, bought more sabres clothes, ate tacos and went for a walk with liss and then snuck into her neighbors yard for a swim.  After the swim, when i was putting on my favorite alyssa clothes, i looked in the mirror and the way I looked at that exact minute, I was beautiful.  For once in my life, i thought i looked beautiful and I was completely stunned.  I don't really think I am one to be pretty or anything like that, I'm just Julie and to be Julie, you are not pretty, not for a second.  so that kinda threw me for a loop.  However, I was in a pretty swell mood.  So then we watched invincible, and I  am now in love with that movie.  It was amazing.  Liss drove me home and i came on here to make the father's day cards for probably about 8 hours from now...lol.  I was trying to figure out how i was gonna stay awake and Paul suggested I listen to techno music, but since i don't own any, i decided on yellowcard...bad choice!

I LOVE YELLOWCARD!!! However, Ocean Avenue always always always always always ALWAYS AND FOREVER will remind me of Chris, who i haven't seen in forever.  That put me in a prerry sad mood because, well, i just miss him and wish I could see him, talk to him, just basically finish things off and be over him.  Isn't that sad?  I'm not sure if I'm over a kid that someone else used to get close to one of my best friends.  I'm not even sure chris ever liked me, or that i really liked him.  But ever since June 16th, 2004-Ocean avenue by Yellowcard = Chris.

What the hell is wrong with me?  Maybe its that its early in the morning and i need some sleep, but I think there must be something wrong with me.  No guy has ever liked me and we all know it, don't even try to tell me i'm wrong unless you can prove it and i bet you can't!  Ugh
Here i go so dishonestly
leave a note for you my only one
I know you can see right through me 
So let me go and you will find someone
Here i go scream my lungs and try to get to you
You are my only one 
I let go 
Theres just no one that gets me like you do 
You are my only one...

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